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Student Section Names (Don't Make These Common Mistakes)

Are you ready to choose the perfect name for your student section? The right name can make all the difference in creating a fierce and passionate student fan base at athletic events. However, with numerous options available, it's easy to fall into common mistakes and pitfalls that result in lackluster names. In this blog post, we will explore expert tips and tricks for naming your student section correctly. We'll discuss common mistakes to avoid, offer guidance on selecting a suitable name, and provide examples of effective student section names and why they work.

Common Mistakes to Avoid:

When it comes to naming student sections, several common mistakes can hinder the creation of a powerful brand and student experience:

  1. No Student Section Name: Many schools lack a designated name for their student section, which leads to a lack of identity and excitement. Students need a brand to rally behind and get excited about.

  2. Multiple Names: Having multiple names for different sports or sections can cause confusion and an identity crisis among students. It's important to maintain a consistent brand and avoid unnecessary complexity.

  3. Naming After a Coach: While coaches are influential figures, naming a student section after a coach can create issues when they leave. Student sections should have names that are relevant and enduring.

  4. Venue-Based Names: Naming a student section after a specific venue or physical location can become problematic if the section moves or if the venue undergoes changes. It's crucial to choose a name that remains relevant regardless of location.

  5. Generic Names: Opting for generic names like "Dog Pound" or "Blue Crew" may not differentiate your student section from others. While it's possible to create an incredible culture around such names, it's best to strive for unique and distinctive options.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Student Section Name:

To ensure a strong and engaging student section name, follow these expert tips:

  1. One Name Across the Board: Avoid confusion and brand dilution by maintaining a single, consistent name for your student section. This helps students identify with the brand and fosters a sense of ownership.

  2. Keep it Simple: A simple and memorable name is more likely to resonate with students. Consider incorporating your school name or acronym, mascot name or acronym, and a unique aspect of your campus culture or desired section culture.

  3. Test the Name: Before finalizing a name, test it by saying, "I am a [name]" or "I am part of the [name]." If the name passes this test and students can easily identify with it, you're on the right track.

Examples of Effective Student Section Names:

Here are a few examples of strong student section names that adhere to the above tips:

  1. "Mean Green Maniacs" (University of North Texas): Combining the school's name, "Mean Green," with the energetic and passionate nature of the student section, "Maniacs," this name exhibits alliteration and clear branding.

  2. "The Surge" (UC Santa Barbara): Reflecting the unique coastal culture of the campus and the energy the student section aims to bring, "The Surge" combines a distinct aspect of the campus with the desired section culture.

Selecting a compelling name for your student section is crucial for creating an enthusiastic and engaged fan base. By avoiding common mistakes such as lack of a name, multiple names, coach-based or venue-based names, and generic options, you can build a powerful brand.

Remember to keep the name simple, align it with your school, mascot, and unique culture, and test it to ensure it resonates with students. With the right name and an exceptional student section experience, you can unleash your students, ignite your campus, and build a student section movement that will be the envy of other schools.


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