Our why

Mission: We strive to help every school build, grow and sustain a robust student section.

Vision: We believe in the power of the fan and exist to multiply every school’s biggest fan. We will be the best and primary resource for student sections. 

Our who

My name is Brandon Kaiser and I am the founder and president of Biggest Fan Consulting and we help schools build robust student sections.

Building the Havocs at Grand Canyon University and serving as President of the National Collegiate Student Section Association exposed me to the power a robust student section can have on a student, a university and a community. Now my goal is to help you become aware of the latent potential within college students and help build, grow or sustain your student section.

Every student deserves the opportunity to be a part of an energetic and spirited student body at sporting events and every school has the potential to develop a dominating student section. Not only does a new-age student section create an amazing game day atmosphere, it increases Recruiting, Retention, Recognition and Revenue. Whether you are looking to build a student section from the ground up or take it to next level, I am committed to your results and success. Let's develop and multiply your school's Biggest Fan.

our story

the gcu havocs

When I was in 6th grade, I would go stand in the high school student section and cheer. Within two weeks of transferring high schools, I was in the front row leading the student section.

When I attended Grand Canyon University, I darted straight to the student section booth, eager to join. My freshman year I painted my chest and attended every basketball game with six friends (I am the "E"). When GCU transitioned from division 2 to division 1 my sophomore year, I was brought on as a student leader tasked to build what is now known as, "The Biggest Party in College Basketball", the GCU Havocs. Over the next three years, I focused my time and energy into studying and understanding students sections and the fan experience and implementing strategies, ideas and systems to build the Havocs.

The results? We saw an increase in attendance from 100 students to 2,500 students all standing and engaged, grew a student leadership team from 3 leaders to 9 leaders, and started generating a lot of revenue for the school. All these numbers have continued to grow alongside the national attention the Havocs have brought GCU.



I was able to increase my knowledge, experience and influence on student sections when I was given the opportunity serve on the board and then become the President of the National Collegiate Student Section Association (NCSSA) my junior and senior year. Leading an executive board of six student leaders from various schools country wide, hosting a convention and networking with the strongest student section leaders equipped me with the unique knowledge of what the best student sections are doing versus everyone else.

Biggest fan consulting

In July of 2018 I received a phone call from a Senior Vice President of a University. He had known me as a student at Grand Canyon University. He saw the value the Havocs brought to GCU and it was a priority for him to build a student section at their university. They were starting from scratch. Hesitant at first, his persistence and belief in me convinced me to go to their campus to help. 

I quickly realized student attendance and engagement is a national issue and recurring challenge among many colleges and universities around the US and Canada. Having personally built a robust student section from the ground up and seeing the exponential benefits it brings to a university, I knew my experience and knowledge could help. So I launched Biggest Fan Consulting. 

Now I have the privilege of partnering with schools across the United States and Canada to help take student sections to the next level. Whether they are starting from scratch or looking to become student section masters, they are quickly experiencing results and achieving their goals by following the proven strategies and doing the work. They are now some of the fastest growing student sections in the US and Canada. I'd love to work with you and your team!