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Empowering Student Section Leaders: Unleashing the Potential for an Unforgettable Experience

Are you seeking a more vibrant and engaging student section on your campus? Do you find it challenging to identify and empower student section leaders? Look no further! In this blog post, we will delve into the significance of student section leaders and explore three essential strategies to empower them.

Student section leaders with face paint

The Role of Student Section Leaders:

Student section leaders fulfill two critical responsibilities: in-game leadership and operational management.

In-game, they exude enthusiasm, energy, and fearlessness, inspiring the crowd to rally behind their team. These exceptional individuals are willing to paint their faces, wear outrageous costumes, and lead the charge, even when nobody follows. They embody the spirit of a leader, making them akin to the elusive unicorns of student sections.

Additionally, student section leaders assume the mantle of operational excellence, handling marketing, game-day logistics, and various behind-the-scenes tasks.

The Need for Empowerment:

Identifying student section leaders is only the first step. To ensure their success, administrators must empower and support these leaders fully. Let's explore three fundamental strategies to empower student section leaders effectively: support, structure, and inclusion.


Instilling trust and demonstrating unwavering support are crucial for student section leaders to thrive. Provide them with the necessary training, resources, and encouragement to excel in their roles. Communicate your confidence in their abilities and convey a genuine desire to help them succeed. Remember, as an administrator, your role is to empower and facilitate their accomplishments.


Clear expectations and a well-defined structure are vital for student section leaders to excel. Outline their roles and responsibilities explicitly, both during games and behind the scenes. Define the expected time commitment and encourage regular meetings for touchpoints with student section leaders. These meetings serve as valuable opportunities to discuss progress, address challenges, and provide guidance. Consider allocating office or classroom hours for student section leaders to work collaboratively on enhancing the student section experience.


Student leaders deserve a seat at the table when decisions regarding the student section are made. By including them in discussions, you tap into their unique insights and ideas, which can greatly enhance your planning, marketing, and branding efforts. Acknowledge the value of their perspectives and provide them with a platform to contribute actively. This inclusive approach fosters a sense of ownership, accountability, and collaboration, resulting in a more successful student section.

Benefits of Empowering Student Section Leaders:

The empowerment of student section leaders yields numerous benefits for both administrators and the student body. By cultivating strong leaders, you can initiate a transformation in the student section culture. Instead of shouldering the burdensome responsibility of managing every aspect, you can confidently delegate tasks to empowered leaders.

This delegation alleviates stress and allows you to focus on other essential aspects of your role. Furthermore, involving student leaders in decision-making processes fosters a sense of accountability, nurtures their skills, and propels the growth and improvement of the student section.

Empowering student section leaders is the key to unlocking the full potential of your student section. Through unwavering support, clear structure, and inclusive decision-making, you can create an unforgettable experience for your entire school community.


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