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Student Section Case Study: Lindenwood Uproar

Lindenwood University is a private university in St. Charles, Missouri. Lindenwood made the transition to D1 last year and with that, the administration turned their attention to transforming their game day experience.

With only 4,800 undergraduate students and over 30 NCAA sports teams, students and athletic staff alike are spread thin. Mike Barone, Director of Athletics Marketing, and the rest of the team in LU Athletics heard about Biggest Fan and set up a call.

The journey so far…

As usual, the first order of business for Biggest Fan is finding student leaders to lead the charge. We seek out passionate, hype, superfans who are willing to paint their faces at games and put work in behind the scenes. We found Spencer and Dylan, a senior boy and freshman girl who fit the mould.

These two went through the Biggest Fan training videos and met weekly with a client specialist to get them prepared for football and basketball season. With their new student section knowledge and a prepped mindset, Spencer and Dylan laid the groundwork for the Uproar, accumulating over 1,700 followers on Instagram and a core group of students who attended every game. The pair planned theme nights, supported several teams on campus, and rallied their peers to join something bigger than themselves.

Biggest Fan most recently visited campus in January 2023 to observe the student section during a men’s basketball game and to meet with LU staff in person. During that visit, Biggest Fan met with the University President, Dr. John R. Porter. Dr. Porter wanted to take Lindenwood to the elite level and upped their partnership to involve production help.

We’ve been working away since then, bringing a new and improved experience to Hyland Arena. That kind of top-down support is the reason that Lindenwood will be successful. We found new leaders to lead the newly-branded Uproar student section and our team at Biggest Fan looks forward to transforming the in-game production with the cooperation of the LU Athletics staff.

The best part of all this? They're just getting started.


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