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Student Section Case Study: LBSU

Long Beach State University, also known as California State University Long Beach, became a Biggest Fan client in 2021. Since then, they have been working in tandem with the BF team to create an immersive and electric atmosphere for LBSU athletic events.

Long Beach started from scratch with their student section: No brand, no leaders, no plan. Andy Fee, former Director of Athletics partnered with Biggest Fan because he knew they weren’t close to reaching their maximum potential. Even with one of the coolest venues in all of college basketball (The Walter Pyramid), we witnessed a dismal game day experience during our first site visit. There were a few students scattered throughout the student section and a rogue DJ. LBSU knew they could do better. They wanted to build a loud, energetic and intimidating atmosphere to match the elite level of their winning teams in volleyball, basketball and baseball over the past few years.

Playing off the beach-centered geography and the giant pyramid in the middle of campus, the student was renamed “The Sandpit.” Lydia and Valeria, two senior students, led The Sandpit last year. We found Lydia and Valeria through our standard leader recruitment marketing process. We helped the university market the opportunity, created an application funnel, filtered applications, scheduled and conducted interviews. Lydia and Valeria tackled the hardest part of the student section journey– the start. Last year, LBSU had a couple sold out men’s basketball games, which hadn’t happened in years. The Sandpit duo built genuine relationships with other students, connected with and praised student athletes, and brought enthusiasm and hype back to the Pyramid. Lydia and Valeria laid the foundation for The Sandpit and have passed the torch to a new team of leaders that will continue their legacy in Fall of 2023.

Some big wins so far:

  • Establishing a brand where students around campus know about the Sandpit

  • Finding leaders who inspired the student body to join the Sandpit movement

  • Sold out multiple games

    • Achieved 80% standing and engaged with a crowd of over 1,300 students at the UCSB men’s basketball game

    • Averaged over 500 students per MBB game with average of 40% standing and engaged

  • Took social media by storm

    • Passed 1,850 followers on Instagram

  • Implemented a new and improved in-game production rundown

We’re excited to head into this next season and take production to the next level, implementing more desert-centered ideas to make each game in the ‘Mid more than a sporting event. Our new team of student leaders are ready to hit the ground running.


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