what is a new-age student section? (and how to build one)

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New-age student sections.

So what is a new-age student section?

First, let me explain why student sections exist and how they start.

It all starts with passionate students.


Not fan section. Not young section. Student section.

All the best student sections you can think of started with passionate students. These students are irrational fans with an obsession about their school and sports teams. They get an adrenaline rush from attending, standing, cheering and yelling at games. They have bottled up energy that has to be released by supporting their teams. They sacrifice other commitments in order to be in the front row at every game. They invite their friends and even lead a few cheers and people notice. Athletes, coaches, alumni, donors notice their momentum.

But unfortunately for so many schools, the road ends here. They have some passionate students. Those passionate students build some momentum and then they graduate. Back to the beginning. I’ve talked to many schools who seem to reflect on the “glory days”, or say “we used to have a kid who brought the energy and was the spark on campus... But now it seems we just

have an apathetic culture.”

Building a new-age student section is a process. A journey.

It takes time, hard work and a decent amount of strategic planning (although it’s not rocket science). It takes passion and belief. It takes systems.

I compare traditional and new-age student sections on the homepage of our website. But to summarize, new-age student sections are full of school pride, they have a spirited culture, students go to games because it’s the thing to do, they stand up, they paint up, they yell, it’s chaos, it’s hype, there is unity, there is collaboration, they have a strong brand affinity, there is consistency and retention, they drive revenue.

So how do you arrive at a new-age student section?

Remember it starts with those passionate students. But then those passionate students must evolve into top 1% student leaders, because that’s how they will sustain momentum. Then the vital next step is taking that momentum and turning it into a process (systems). THAT is where culture change happens.

Consistent process and momentum executed by top 1% student leadership over time leads to a culture change.

A changed culture drives results (attendance, engagement, revenue).

Here is the new-age journey:

Passion > Leadership > Momentum > Process > Culture > Results.

Most schools struggle with the top 1% student leadership and process, and that’s why Biggest Fan

Consulting exists.

We turn passion into results.

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