Student Sections Will Never Be More Needed

There will never be a time in history where student sections will be more valuable and more needed than when sports return. That’s obvious though, right? So, will you be ready? Will students be able to release their pent up energy and school pride into a structured and robust student section? Will they come back to school and see their university has planned and invested into creating an unbelievable platform for them to express their pride and spirit? Or will they just go back to school and be offered a free t-shirt and hot dog? Just like the year before? Your student athletes deserve full stadiums and rowdy student sections when they compete next. Your coaches deserve support when they coach next. Your students deserve the ability to participate in an organized, structured and rowdy student section when they can cheer next… Sports fans are lost right now. They’re devastated. They’re hungry. They’re excited for sports to return. They can’t wait to watch a live sporting event on TV or something other than the 2013 NBA Finals (although it’s a great series). Ultimately, they want to attend a game and cheer. They want camaraderie. They want the adrenaline rush. They want the endorphin release. They want the escape. They want to WIN. So schools… I urge you to spend time planning for your student section. Build out infrastructure. Find student leaders. Invest and empower those leaders. They are the ones that will change culture and influence students. They are the ones that other students will follow and listen to. Is this a sales pitch? Absolutely, and let me tell you why it’s a shameless one. I believe in the power of fans. I believe in the power of students. I wake up every morning and go to work because my life was impacted by sports and participating in the student section. My passion and focus is bringing out the passion of your fan base. I’ll tell you this, there is no one who wants every school to have a robust new-age student section more than me. I lie awake at night thinking about how we can help every school in the country increase or sustain their student attendance and engagement. If you don’t believe me, ask my wife. It’s my why. It’s my one thing. And I’m not going to quit on your fans and students and I hope you don’t either. So let me ask you again, will you be ready? Let’s do this. Schedule your strategy session. -- Brandon