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Student Section Case Study: NCAT

Biggest Fan and North Carolina A&T partnered in January 2023. Only having been partnered through half a basketball season, this case study will highlight the beginning stages of a blossoming collaboration. None of this progress would have happened without immense collaboration and teamwork from the NCAT staff, the Congregation student leaders and Biggest Fan.

The NCAT Congregation has grown rapidly and has gained attention and following from NCAT students, staff, and members of the community. When Biggest Fan showed up to campus on our first site visit, there was no student section. No leaders. No Congregation. But there was potential.

Biggest Fan was responsible for and executed on identifying and training leaders, creating and launching a brand, establishing in-game systems, coordinating the game experience with spirit programs and producing new innovative timeout activations. The student leaders at NCAT, Jaylin, Christian, Narhiya, and Spencer have worked tirelessly to make the student section their own and spread the word about the new campus movement.

NCAT is just getting started. Last year, over 2,800 students attended the Congregation brand launch and the rest of the season had at least 550 students at every men’s basketball game. The leaders started an Instagram page that accumulated 400 followers in just the first few months. We believe that continuing to collaborate together and working hard, we can accomplish the vision we have set from the start: Pack Club Corbett. We plan to have over 2,000 students at every game, standing and engaged. The Congregation will inject energy into not just basketball games, but other sports like football, volleyball and soccer. That GHOE feeling will last all year around.

In this upcoming season, the goal is to elevate the immersive atmosphere of Club Corbett and lean in to the hype that already exists within the student body.


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